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Meet new friends, find love or hang out with a group. We are here to help you do all of the above. We are not just a dating site, we are a social network for like minded individuals to find each other in this crazy world.

Connect through this site/app, meet up and have amazing conversation that helps you check out and forget what’s going on in the world by making real connections and creating a better reality for yourself and others around you.

We do not condone or allow the sale or distribution of any items or substances on our site, doing so will get you banned for life. If you have a legitimate 420 friendly business and you would like to advertise with us through the proper channels, please contact us at to apply to be an approved vendor.

Our Goals


Be the catalyst for meaningful human

interaction. With so much of our lives being spent online. We would like to help people reconnect either with friends, love or groups of interesting people doing meaningful and fulfilling  things. Time to get off your ass and go meet some of our members and live your best life.


We want to help break the stigma of cannabis while educating people on its many uses and success stories with content created and submitted by our members and create a searchable database that people can use to expand and spread their knowledge.


We want to enhance and enrich people's lives by helping them connect and plan events, meetings and dates.

In doing so we are doing our part to make the word a better place.

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